Air Cadets in Jail…

To whom it may concern,

Today, I will share a short success story with you, and I will ask you to give us a few minutes for the future of young Air cadets whose lives and hopes are stolen.

During his education at Işıklar Military High School of Turkey, he became a model student with his social personality and passion for aviation. Thanks to his research and the guidance of his esteemed teachers, he and his friend prepared a project for the national science olympics. During short period of time in their project had become very important awards, winning the right to represent Turkey. 

  • They represented Turkey “INTEL-ISEF International Project Contest” in the second world competition held in Pittsburg were between 10 to 15 May 2015 in the US. 
  • They also won the American Chemical Society Award and the NASA Award
  • The cadets continued their success and participated to the GENIUS Olympic World Project Competition held in New York between 14-22 June 2015. Two young cadets won first place in the world.

Then, the name of these cadets are Seyit Alp HERDEM and Tahsin ELMAS. Seyit Alp and his 245 friends are currently under arrest and life sentenced in Silivri Military Penitentiary at Turkey. But, they were only a group of students who were awakened from their sleep on the night of July 15 and transferred to Istanbul with buses for the purpose of education and security. Someone pick up the cost of the so-called July 15 coup attempt to cadets. It is not fair, it is not justice…

Please be our voice. 

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