While looking forward to the 100th anniversary of foundation of the Republic of Turkey, we have experienced the tragic incident of 15 July. This event and the developments in its aftermath have destroyed the values set by the great leader Mustafa Kemal Ataturk, the founder of the Turkish Republic. It had severe impact on more than one million people, in addition to nearly 300 martyrs, 251 of whom were civilians, and 2259 veterans, 2193 of whom were civilians.

Without being subject to any legal procedures, around 140 thousand people have been dismissed from their jobs. Isolated and unemployed, deprived of health insurance and labeled as “terrorists”, not only themselves but also their families, right to life of these people has been destroyed. 40 thousand soldiers, including the privates performing mandatory military service and 14-year-old cadets, have been dismissed and/or arrested in this dark period. Statements by the authorities and the press news demonstrate that a further 30 thousand military officers are expected to be purged and arrested. To this end, arrests of dozens of high-ranking officers, being declared as terrorists, continue on a daily basis.

While we expect the illumination of this brutal process, the eyewitnesses of the 15 July (“The Malice Incident”) on the contrary have avoided facing the suspects in the courts. The Turkish Parliament has refused to publish the report of the parliamentary investigation on failed coup attempt of 15 July and chose to conceal the truth from the public.

Turkish media is under control of the regime. Besides serving for obfuscation of the truth, it has turned into a propaganda machine stigmatizing innocent people as terrorists. The lives of those innocent people have been ruined. The Republic of Turkey has never experienced such a traumatic period in terms of human rights. Thousands of people have been sentenced to life imprisonment. Yet, the court proceedings have been concealed. Justice, transparency, and impartiality of the proceedings have not been respected.

Torture and abduction, in Turkey and abroad, have become prominent practices of the authorities currently in Turkey. As a state policy, the people who perpetrated cruel lynches during 15 July, and also the people who were responsible for the death and torture incidents in the prisons and detention centers, have been provided with immunity through the emergency decrees issued after 15 July.

The lawyers are subjected to long or short term arrests and decisions withdrawing them from cases of their clients. They are deprived of their right to defend their clients before the court.

Despite the fact that it has been clearly reflected in the numerous reports of various international organizations, NGOs and other countries that the fundamental human rights have been violated in Turkey as a state policy, Turkish media has been remaining silent. Its silence prevents these violations from being heard. For this very reason, 15temmuz.info aims to be the voice of the persecuted soldiers and their relatives. In doing so, 15temmuz.info intends to shed light on the facts regarding 15 July, via sharing the testimonies of the eyewitnesses.

15temmuz.info is an independent and voluntary movement. It is liberal and democratic, and committed to defending human rights. We are open to cooperating with any organization embracing these values and to carrying out joint humanitarian projects with them.

The real possessors of our website are the victims of the ongoing persecution in Turkey. Thus, from the design to the content of the website, we want to take every step upon their desire. We welcome your support, suggestions, and ideas.

Our motto is “It’s Good to Read the Truth”.