The Erdogan regime kills opposition soldiers in prisons after the so-called military coup.

The treatment of staff colonel Mustafa Barış AVIALAN, who is in Sincan Prison and struggling with serious diseases, is not allowed.

Mustafa Barış AVIALAN, who struggled with serious diseases, started to suffer from heart disease in early 2018 while she was in prison.

The illness of Avıalan, who previously had “uncomfortable rhythm disorder in the heart” (Innocent Sufl.), Grew over time in the bad conditions of the prison. The prison administration did not respond to AVIALAN’s request for treatment and stalled for 9-10 months. Finally, a 2-wire Heart battery was implanted at the end of 2018. The request of his family to install a 3-wire Heart battery was not accepted, although they were willing to pay for it themselves. The health condition of Mustafa Barış AVIALAN, who continued his life in this way, started to deteriorate since the end of 2019.

Internal organs were severely damaged because the heart could not do its job well. His lungs are already blistering and he has developed COPD. Cyst formation in the kidney and pancreas and liver C level loss of function due to cirrhosis. Staff Colonel Mustafa Barış AVIALAN, who should be in intensive care due to excessive weight loss and existing health problems, is still being kept in Sincan Prison.

The last application for “suspension of execution and treatment” was rejected on Friday, August 7, 2020.

Mustafa Barış AVIALAN needs to be taken to intensive care immediately and a 3-wire Heart battery must be inserted for heart health. Otherwise, he could die at any moment.

The following lines are included in the fax sent by Staff Colonel Mustafa Barış AVIALAN to his family;

“As a person who is sick and very close to death, I need all kinds of Help…. My situation is very bad. I’m in so much pain. I expect anyone who can sacrifice to do something …

I have nothing left to lose after this hour. I cannot move my arm. The oxygen I take is not enough, I can eat very little, my stomach is swollen, my pulse is constantly low, my head is constantly spinning, I cannot sleep. I am subjected to all kinds of humiliating treatment and insults by soldiers working in prison. They do anything to make my life difficult. Doctors are not interested. May God help us. . maybe goodbye… “

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