PUTIN’S VICTORY, ERDOGAN’S SURVIVAL : A self-coup project carried under control of Russia.

The strategic partnership between Western World and Turkey has steadily been melted as Erdogan transformed Turkey’s democratic parliamentary system into an autocracy. This deterioration was exacerbated by mysterious 15 July Coup attempt. Erdogan and his string media announced that the coup attempt was an American project against Erdogan. Accordingly, any failure in economics, and domestic or international policies promoted as a Western conspiracy, often laced with anti Semitic conspiracy theories. Following the coup, Erdogan started to find a way to reinforce his new authoritarian regime leaving democracy behind.

Simultaneously, Erdogan shifted his direction towards Russia. Although they have entirely opposite ideologies and vision. Erdogan has established a very close alliance with Dogu Perincek, Maoist/Socialist pro-Russian political party leader. Contrary to his 0,3 percent vote share in total, Perincek has an in depth influence on state organizations, especially in military, judiciary, police and intelligence.

Perincek, as a Russophile, has been asserted his followers with Maoist and sociologist ideology and enlisting them through the whole state organization; such as military, intelligence, academia, police and judiciary to increase his influence over the state. He was accused of being one of the leaders of Ergenekon deep state organization in Ergenekon case. Moreover, some analysts discussed that Perincek was the shadow supreme behind 2004 coup operation plan called Balyoz (sledgehammer). However he became Erdogan’s closest alliance after Perincek and other Ergenekon suspects released from prison following the Supreme Court’s decision which claimed that suspect’s constitutional rights were violated. Supreme Court’s decision came immediately after Yalcin Akdogan, one of Erdogan’s close cooperative, stated that the Balyoz case is a plot. Furthermore, many high-rank officers in the Balyoz case had anti-Western and pro-Russian political views.Following their retirement, generals/admirals like Ismail Hakkı Pekin (Former Chief of Armed forces Intel Division), Ahmet Yavuz, Soner Polat, Cem Gürdeniz and colonels, Hasan Atilla Ugur (Former Gendarmerie intel branch head) and Mustafa Onsel joined to Perincek’s pro-Russian political party Vatan (previously Labour’s party) or took part in Perincek’s media affiliates like Ulusal Kanal (National Channel) and Aydinlik( newspaper).

So, Did 15 July coup plot be really a Russian operation against NATO and Turkey’s western wing? From its course of conduct pattern, there are enough evidence to prove Russian’s role in the coup, besides Erdogan and his shadow army.

From the Russian account, two people bear the primary importance to conduct such an operation. Alexander Dugin and Valery Gerasimov. While Dugin’s Euroasia doctrine had been dominating Putin-led Russian international policies, Valery Gasimov’s new generation war doctrine gained importance and became the genuine article to achieve Russia’s geostrategic goals. Evidently, we see the footsteps of two doctrines throughout the whole coup plot phenomena.


In order to get down the facts on the coup plot, one has to look at the close relations between Perincek and Dugin.

Alexander Dugin proposed a new geo-strategic approach, called Euroasianism, to make Russia great again in 1999 in his book Russian Geopolitic. In his book he suggests that Russia needs to be a hegemonic global empire again to rule the world and to save the humanity as he believes Russians eventually, will embrace Messianic role in the future. Permanent animosity to Anglo-Saxon world and NATO alliance imperialistic exploitation over near territories, Persophilie and Turcophobia are the main pillars of Dugin’s Euroasianist doctrine.

Additionally, Iran with its current regime which depends on very rigid interpretation of Shiite orthodoxy, has a key role in Dugin’s doctrine since Iran has necessary potential to consolidate Russia’s policy over Islamic world and Turkic ethnicity in the Near-East Asia. He also emphasizes the idea that a secular and Kemalist Turkey should be addressed as a threat to the “new empire” because of its loyalty to the Atlantic alliance.

Contrary to Dugin’s Turcophobia and Perincek’s ultra nationalist, even Racist, and Kemalist experssions, Dugin has overly had opportunity to share his ideas in Perincek media. Therefore many people believes that nationalist and Kemalist expression of Perincek and his organization is nothing but a “sail under false flag” to disguise their hidden agenda regarding Russian interests.

Only one day before the coup, 14 July 2016, Perincek and Dugin participated to a seminar in Ankara. The subject of the seminar was about problems of the local municipalities which was totally irrelevant to Dugin’s professional interest as a geo-strategist. Therefore, following the coup both Dugin and Perincek declared that Dugin informed the Turkish government about the coup days before the coup. Furthermore, Dugin also met with the mayor of Ankara Melih Gokcek. This meeting is also significant since Gokcek is the one who organized anti-coup activity beginning from as early as 17:00 afternoon, where the so called coup started at 21:13 by blocking Bosphorus bridge.

Who else more did interact with Dugin from the governmentor state organisations prior to coup is still a question. Regarding his status as being Putin’s advisor the probability of being assigned directly by Putin to coordinate the anti-coup or plot activities should also be considered. However in order to complete the puzzle we should also consider the Gasimov’s doctrine and similarities between annexation of Crimea and 15 July coup plot as building blocks of constructing new Russian Empire.

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