From Social Mass to New World


It is not known how long the remaining life of our tired world is, but it is certain that we have experienced a period in which the burden it carries gradually and people become insensitive to their environment as much as possible. We are experiencing one of the events that recur in different periods of history and cause great changes and transformations. Humanity became a big problem with a tiny virus, and it remained claw in the invisible claws of this microscopic creature. Thousands of lives lost every day in the vortex of desperation, tens of thousands of patients waiting in anxiety and an unpredictable chaos for all humanity.

In our globalized world in the last fifty years, humanity has turned into fish herds. A mass, that moves with the instincts in the ocean. A way of life that follows each other, but is unaware of another, or ignorant. Tens of ourselves hunt, leave, or fall behind in despair every day. We swim shoulder to shoulder, fins tangent to each other in the crowd, but we are alone and lonely with our fate. Of course, there are some people who lead the herd, but it is impossible to make our voices heard. We are on the move every day, every hour, but both the place we go and our constantly changing direction are unknown to us. There is someone who knows, and we want to believe that rumor circulating in the herd: they think us more than we do. This is a social mass that is doomed to this fatalistic approach, does not question, and obeys unconsciously, today’s humanity.

A tiny virus said stop this course of humanity. He put a club among the political, social and economic wheels that we possess or think we have accumulated, and struck a gigantic process. In the loneliness of the streets reminiscent of movie scenes and the desperate silence of millions closing down, the cries of the crisis began to be heard slowly. We do not know what a crisis or how it will evolve, but if there is anything we know, nothing will be the same.

We foresee that a new order will be established in the world with its political, social and economic results, or new actors will appear on the scene. These actors will not act as new constituent countries or political formations, but on the contrary, social formations / platforms that are oriented towards a common goal that are free from political discourses. In other words, we can define the next period as the evolving social stacks that have been carefully designed and resembling herds of fish in the last fifty years to evolve into the new playmakers of the new world. By imagining the future, the first concrete steps of this will take the currents of ideas that offer new opportunities or new tracks to the masses.    

Yes, the idea of a new beginning might be frightening to some and some to dream. However, the time frame we live in made it clear that the old playmakers’ designs have come to an end and a new order is now needed. The world of opportunities and the dream of equality, which globalization has presented to us as a utopia, showed that small fishes have no chance to live in the oceans, separated by economic parameters and classified. In other words, the unhappy majority, who were the leading minorities of the movie and always won the happy minority and the extras who lost their meaning in the world they designed, did not fit into the same scene. The old stage closes and comes with new scenes, new faces, new roles, new scenarios. Most importantly, it seems that the script writers and the actors on the stage will be the same people.

These may be dreams, but do not forget that the only thing that will shape the future is dreams. And if we can save these dreams from the monopoly of a group, a clan or some political focus, and make it a dream of all mankind, that is, by ensuring pluralism and freeing the bad reputation in representative memories, then our dreams will be our first safe step to the original world of the future. will throw.

Here we are neither a group nor a private group. I am talking about architects of a future that are independent of identities. It is not very difficult, we will only dream and share, then we will question fearlessly and bow to the truth with respect and walk towards the future.

We will question the past and begin to lay the foundations of the new world, which puts life at the center and blesses only man, leaving behind all the outdated understandings that undermine the life of the old world and see it as a commodity.  

We will continue to work with new instruments that will add value to our lives and will not stop working as a machine with the motive of survival as social masses and being future-designed groups. It should be a goal to bring the resources available to all people with a fair sense of social sharing by people who are competent in the economic, political and social fields, and the human should be removed from the work-oriented life cycle, which makes him insensitive to the outside world, and gained real identity. In this way, it will be possible to create individuals who think, produce, add value and are sensitive to their environment. With this unique model of life, it will be possible to establish a more prosperous world.

In other words, we should move from a life whose borders and frames are drawn to an original life that provides a wider range of motion. This new life should be a model that makes people valuable in the society in which they exist and increase their interaction with their environment, and all individual efforts should produce results that will create social benefit. In the most concrete form, new motivations should be put forward that will enable every individual to act focused on us, not me. This can only be achieved by increasing the sensitivity of the individual to his environment and his belonging, which is one of the most basic needs. With the awareness that a person is not alone while chasing a dream, he should be able to use all the advantages of collective action. This consciousness will remove humanity from the extravagance of individuality and accelerate its transition to social benefit activity. 

In the world we live in today, there are many economic, social problem areas that are waiting for solutions in daily life such as inefficient use of resources, injustice in income distribution, gathering power in one hand and non-deterrent security policies. These problems gradually become chronic and become insurmountable because all solution efforts put forward are based on certain interests. Here we can start by imagining realistic solutions to today’s problems to build the world of tomorrow. Do not forget that today’s dream can be an indispensable reality of tomorrow …

In the next article, we will look for the answer to the question of what the New Earth’s Blessing should be …


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